Best Pet Tattoos

Yorkshire is my home county. I was born and brought up in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, where we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and plentiful dog walks and dog friendly pubs and cafes.

It’s Logan’s first visit to the UK and we’re staying with my parents in Addingham, West Yorkshire. My parents have two West Highland Terriers; Misty and Pearl, so you’ll see them featuring in many of our UK posts!

Here are my favourite things to do with your dog in Yorkshire:

1. Water colour tattoo design of Logan, the Husky.
Logan’s Dad, Ricardo got this tattoo on his calf in Koh Samui, Thailand at Starcat Tattoo.

pet dog tattoo

2. Jeanne sent us this tattoo it’s on her left forearm by my wrist (along with a lot of my other ink).
It was done by Defining Skin Tattoo. It wasn’t based on a picture but is a memorial to my angel Mozart.

cat tattoo

3. One of Kimberley’s pet tattoos. She has another that is her childhood pets name on her foot and she plans on getting a memorial tattoo for Rolo one day. Done by Lucky Dragon (no longer open) Its on her right shoulder blade area.

pet tattoos

4. Alix’s pet tattoo on her wrist. Done at State of the Art in Virginia, USA.

dog tattoo

5. Boogie the Pug‘s tattoo on their owner’s left arm, done in Brazil.pug tattoo

6. This is a tattoo Emily got a couple years ago that includes her two loves – her cats and music. It’s on the inside of her left wrist. It was done at Cherry Street Ink Tattoos & Piercing in Macon Georgia.

kitty chronicles

7.  Bryn sent in these awesome tattoos of her dogs. Yoda, with Yoda & Mandala Tattoo. From The Black Labyrinth Tattoo Syndicate. Bean on her upper left thigh from (now closed) Off the Map tattoo.


8. Wonderland tattoo did this awesome tattoo for Christine on her arm of her furbabies.

daschund tattoo

9. Melissa got this tattoo on her left wrist. The number 7 is for her Basset Hound because he has a  number 7 on his hip. She had it done by a former student in Shreveport, LA.

paw print tattoo

10. Kristy has this tattoo located on her right forearm, the tattoo is of her dog Ref.
Inked by Ink’d Tattoo and designed by Dotty Dog Design.

dotty dog design

11. Christina has this tattoo of her deaf dog ,Nitro.

pet dog tattoo

12. Lola and Lexy‘s paw prints are on their owner, Dawn’s right forearm. Lola on top, Lexy on the bottom. She got it done at Betty Rose Tattoos in Brooklyn, NY.

pet tattoo

Do you have a tattoo that honours your beloved pet? Tell us about it in the comments below.