Logan’s Favourite Dog Toys

Finding indestructible toys for Logan is a real challenge, tennis balls, rope toys and the like are destroyed and shredded in minutes!

Here are Logan’s favourite dog toys:

Best Toys For Dogs

1. Kong

Logan has always been a good chewer! Lucky for us he never chewed furniture, although he did have a thing for flip flops and shoelaces at one point! The Kong toys are the only ones we’ve discovered so far that last longer than about 5 minutes. He’s loved them since he was a pup, particularly with some peanut butter inside!

kong toys

2. Raw Bones

Logan loves to naw on a juicy raw bone from our local butchers. Cheap/free and all natural!

dog raw bones

3. Rubber Tyre

Another indestructible toy option made from rubber, this rubber tyre has survived the test of time and chewing! The rope part however only lasted a few days!

rubber dog toys

Do you have a toy for Logan to try? Contact us to send us your product and he’ll try them, if he loves them they’ll make the list above!