Logan’s Favourite Dog Accessories

Logan loves his comfy beds and doggy accessories. He looks very dapper in a bow tie or festive in a doggy bandana.

Here are his (and our) favourite accessories for dogs:

Best Accessories For Dogs

1. Indie Boho’s Eco Pet Bed

Indie Boho’s dog beds are gorgeous! Made in stunning prints they look great in your home but are super comfy and durable for your pets too. My favourite thing about them is that you can buy the Eco version i.e. just the covers and stuff them with whatever filling you want. This makes them easy to transport and less wasteful, since you could stuff them with old clothes, sheets or pillows. This bed has travelled with us all over the world from Australia to the UK to New Zealand and 6 weeks in a campervan!

eco dog bed 

2. Collars & Leads by Soapy Moose

Logan loves looking dapper in his matching collars, bow ties and leashes. Soapy Moose make beautifully handmade collars, bows, leashes and harnesses in amazing designs. We really wanted some awesome comic book and marvel print collars and leads so we asked for a custom order, just look at how they turned out… amazing!

avengers dog collars

I gave my parents in the UK a matching and reversible set of collars and leashes for their two westies for Christmas – they adore them too!

matching reversible dog collars

soapy moose dog collars

3. Collars & Leads by Wag It and Bark

I’m a lover of anything nautical print (big into sailing and scuba diving) so when I saw the stunning anchor print of this collar and leash from Wag It and Bark I had to buy it and Logan loves wearing it!

dog bow tie collar

4. Doggy Bandanas by Neds Bandanas

Logan loves wearing his doggy bandanas. This superman one was from Neds Bandanas

superman dog bandana

Photo credit: Wolfhouse

5. Christmas Doggy Bandana

Christmas isn’t Christmas without getting your furbabies involved too. I made these matching Christmas bandanas for our family doggies. 

christmas dog bandanas

6. Dog Bandanas by Arlo and Ozzy

Arlo and Ozzy make gorgeous bandanas for your dogs to enjoy wearing. This dog bandana is superhero/avengers themed.

superhero dog bandana

7. Ezy Dog Car Harness

Not so much an accessory as an essential that was needed for our roadtrip around New Zealand. We needed a way to secure Logan in the campervan to keep him safe and this car harness was perfect!

dog car safety harness

8. Animates Raised Dog Bed

We were in search of the perfect outdoor bed for Logan – he loves to sit outside, naw on a bone and people watch. We found these raised dog beds to be perfect for outdoors.

raised dog bed

9. China Dog Bowls

Little secret I actually found these discounted in TK Maxx. We were on the hunt for bowls that wouldn’t slide around or be easy to tip over. Bonus – they look super cute!

10. Justice League Dog Bed

Logan’s dad made this bed for him. We sourced the fabric from Spotlight and copied the pattern from one of his other beds.

justice league dog bed

11. Homemade Doggy Bandanas

I made these Marvel and Avengers themed dog bandanas for Logan. They’re reversible and made from fabric from Spotlight.

homemade dog bandanas

Do you have an accessorie for Logan to try? Contact us to send us your products and he’ll try them, if he loves them they’ll make the list above!