How to Fly Your Dog From Australia to the UK

Yorkshire is my home county. I was born and brought up in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, where we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and plentiful dog walks and dog friendly pubs and cafes.

It’s Logan’s first visit to the UK and we’re staying with my parents in Addingham, West Yorkshire. My parents have two West Highland Terriers; Misty and Pearl, so you’ll see them featuring in many of our UK posts!

Here are my favourite things to do with your dog in Yorkshire:

Choose a Pet Export Agent

We chose JetPets Australia.

jetpets australia

Photo credit: JetPets Australia

JetPets have mobile vets who come to your house for any treatments and tests your pet needs before they fly, this makes the process so easy!

What Vet Treatments Will my Dog Need

Logan needed a Rabies vaccine and blood test before he flew to the UK, this was done in two separate appointments at our house. (Approx. cost)

Should I Crate Train my Dog

YES… you should definitely crate train your dog before they fly. It will make the flight much more comfortable for them if they are familiar with being in a crate and see it as a happy place. We purchased a crate from our pet export agent (Approx. cost), JetPets and had it delivered a few weeks before the flight so Logan could familiarise himself with the crate beforehand, this made the process much less stressful for Logan. He still loves his crate now!

jetpets crate

Read our post on how to crate train your dog here.

Will My Pet Need to be Quarantined in the UK

Luckily Logan, our dog, didn’t need any time in quarantine when he arrived in the UK. We picked him up straight from his flight at Manchester Airport. He was born in Australia and had had all the required treatments to be allowed into the UK. Check your requirements with your pet exporter and on the UK Government website.

Logan’s Flight From Brisbane to Manchester

Logan flew with Emirates from Brisbane to Manchester. The flight stopped over in Dubai where a partner agent of JetPets looked after him, let him out of his crate for a walk and feed and resealed the crate for the second flight.

Collecting Logan from Manchester Airport

As no quarantine was necessary for Logan on arrival to the UK we opted to collect him direct from the airport. The option of home delivery was available for an extra fee.

He loved his airline crate so much that we decided to keep it for him, luckily it just about fitted in the car once dismantled!