Wolfhouse Doggy Daycare in Brisbane

While we were preparing for our move to the UK with Logan, we decided to send him to doggy daycare once a week for five weeks. Firstly to give us some space to get our affairs in order for the move and secondly to improve Logan’s social skills and training.

At this point Logan was five months old, we had done some training with him including crate training and he was generally well socialised from regular trips to dog parks and dog-friendly beaches around Brisbane. As amazing as dog parks are we found he was picking up some bad habits from other dogs and we wanted some help getting those stamped out.

Wolfhouse was recommended to us by other dog owners we had met around where we live in Newstead, Brisbane. One owner of two huskies memorably said to us that his two furbabies were so tired after a day at Wolfhouse that they slept for a week.

Wolfhouse is not your everyday doggy daycare, pups are assessed and placed in a group to suit their aptitude. There are no kennels but separate areas providing engaging, sensory and social experiences for your doggo. They also provide additional training and grooming for an extra fee.
Therefore by no surprise is a bit pricier ($60 per day), but in our opinion well worth the dollars. The video below of Logan going to doggy daycare one morning says it all.

Safe to say Logan gave Wolfhouse a big 5 star review. As his owners we noticed it huge difference in his behaviour and socialising with other dogs, plus he was well exercised and it gave us the time we needed to get organised for our move. All in all money very well spent.

Wolfhouse is located at 2/31 Harvey St N, Eagle Farm QLD 4009, Australia.

Photo credits: Wolfhouse