Dog Friendly Things to do in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is my home county. I was born and brought up in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, where we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and plentiful dog walks and dog friendly pubs and cafes.

It’s Logan’s first visit to the UK and we’re staying with my parents in Addingham, West Yorkshire. My parents have two West Highland Terriers; Misty and Pearl, so you’ll see them featuring in many of our UK posts!

Here are my favourite things to do with your dog in Yorkshire:

Best Dog Walks near Ilkley, West Yorkshire

  1. Bolton Abbey Estate

    The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire’s Yorkshire home comprises of 30,000 acres of land! Through the middle of it runs the River Wharfe.

    It costs £10 per day to park in one of the Bolton Abbey Estate‘s carparks. If you live nearby it’s well worth buying a 12 month season ticket for your family for £90. There are several walks of varying difficulty, all with stunning scenery, lots of family-friendly things to do particularly in school holidays and the Cavendish Pavilion is good cafe to stop at, dogs are allowed in the outside seating.

    Please be mindful that the estate is private land, adhere to the on-leash signs and watch out for wildlife ensuring your dog doesn’t disturb it.

  2. Ilkley Moor

    Ilkley Moor is a great place to walk your dog in any season. We particularly enjoy walking around the Cow and Calf Rocks, the Tarn and up past the Swastika Stone; a well-known carved rock.Please be wary of the season, wildlife and adhere to on-leash signs. Grouse nesting season runs from 1st May to 31st July, you must keep your dog on a lead during this time where birds are nesting. There are sheep on Ilkley Moor so if your dog is likely to chase sheep, keep it on a lead – farmers can shoot your dog if it poses a worry to livestock.ilkley moor dog walk

  3. Ilkley Riverside Gardens

    The riverside gardens walks in Ilkley are a good option on a miserable, muddy day as many of the paths are tarmac or gravel. You can park in the riverside gardens (the hotel here has a dog-friendly bar) car park or anywhere in Ilkley nearby and walk the three bridges along the river on both sides. You can let your dog off leash if it has good recall, personally we don’t as Logan’s road awareness isn’t as good as it could be and he’s very friendly so stopping him running up to every person and dog is sometimes a challenge.ilkley riverside dog walk

  4. Dalesway Addingham to Ilkley

    Now I’m not suggesting you walk the whole Dalesway, that might be a bit much for your furry friend. The full Dalesway walking track is 80 miles long and runs from Ilkley, West Yorkshire to Bowness-On-Windemere, Cumbria. We love to walk the stretch between Addingham and Ilkley, there’s also a fantastic bistro/cafe called Hamiltons at the Addingham end, serving amazing cakes, breakfast, lunch and drinks. Hamiltons is completely dog friendly, the photo below is the view from the cafe.
    dalesway dog walk addingham

What are your favourite dog walks near Ilkley?

Go For a Pub Lunch

What’s a good dog walk without a break at a decent Yorkshire pub for a drink or lunch. I lose count of the number of pubs around us, there’s five alone in the tiny village of Addingham, West Yorkshire.

Read our run down of the best dog-friendly pubs in Addingham here.