Dog Friendly Wine Tour in Martinborough, Wairarapa

I’m a big fan of wine! So while we were travelling around New Zealand in a campervan with our dog Logan I really wanted to be able to do some wine tasting.

New Zealand has fantastic wine regions and beautiful cellar doors to visit. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to experience them with the dog in tow.

I Googled a lot and found next to no advice or clues as to whether we would be able to take our dog on a wine tour in Martinborough.

So we just decided to go for it, if nothing else we would have a nice walk in the sunshine!

There are many wineries in walking distance from Martinborough town centre, but these are the ones we visited with our dog:

Dog-friendly Wineries in Martinborough

  1. Te K

    Te K is $10 per tasting, waved on purchases, and you pick which 5 wines you would like to try. They have a lovely outdoor seating area, we tied Logan to the benches outside but took it in turns to go inside and taste some wines while the other kept an eye on Logan outside. It was the first winery of the day so we weren’t sure how Logan would be (he gets a bit of FOMO), he loved sitting out and we could see him clearly from inside.

  2. Luna

    Luna is $10 per tasting, waved on purchase. They have a lovely, large outdoor seating area but conduct the tastings indoors. We tied Logan up outside in the seating area and popped in to do a tasting which worked really well.

  3. Schuberts

    Schuberts is $10 per tasting, waved on a purchase. They have a small outdoor seating area, as it was a quiet day, they were nice enough to do the tasting with us outside.

  4. Margrain Vineyard

    Margrain offers $5 or $10 tastings (waved on purchases) depending on which you would like to taste. They have outdoor seating but you will have to go indoors for the tastings and leave your dog outside. We took a cable with us and tied Logan up to one of the picnic benches, he was very happy people watching while we tasted a few of the wines on offer.

  5. Palliser

    Palliser has a beautiful indoor and outdoor area where dogs are allowed. We particularly loved their sparkling, chardonnay, pinot gris and pinot noir.

  6. The Wine Bank

    Not a winery but a tasting bar which offers up tasting of many wines not found readily available to taste at the cellar doors. The bar features card operated machines that you insert your card into and choose the glass size you want, tastings cost from $2.50 upwards depending on the wine. They have some outdoor seating that you are welcome to sit at with your dog, we visited in the winter time and it was extremely quiet so they did let us sit inside in a quiet corner with Logan.

the wine bank

Have you been on a walking wine tour with your dog? Tell us about in the comments below.

Overall, an amazing day out with our dog Logan, wandering around the cellar doors of Martinborough.

Have you visited any wineries in New Zealand that are dog-friendly? Let us know in the comments below.