Dog Friendly Wine Trail in Cromwell

Cromwell has breathtaking views! Well worth a visit and not just for the 4 barrels walking wine trail.

The wineries of Cromwell did not disappoint with their wine tasting, cheese boards and dog friendly welcoming!

The least dog friendly was Wooing Tree. Dogs are prohibited there but you can leave them tied up outside to pop in for a quick tasting

Here are the 4 cellar doors included in the 4 barrels walking wine trail:

4 Barrels Walking Wine Trail

  1. Misha’s Vineyard

    Out 1st stop on the trail was Misha’s Vineyard, we met Misha herself and ran through their tasting menu. There wasn’t a single wine on the list I didn’t love. Misha’s was very welcoming to Logan, she has two poodles one of which is featured in the New Zealand Wine Dogs book. The winery has outdoor seating that you and your furbaby can enjoy.

    mishas vineyard

  2. Aurum Wines

    Aurum Wines specialises in organic wines. They were very dog friendly and allowed us to bring Logan inside. They also had the cutest Daschund puppy!

  3. Scott Base

    Scott Base had a few winery dogs on site, were very welcoming and had outdoor seating to enjoy.

    scott base winery

    We had the most amazing cheese board their with Whitestone cheeses and the best sourdough I have ever tasted from European Bakery.

    scott base cheese board

  4. Wooing Tree Vineyard

    Wooing tree was named after a giant pine tree in the grounds that has now been declared protected. Wooing Tree was the least dog friendly of the bunch but still well worth a quick visit to taste their delicious wines, my favourites were Blondie and Ticked Pink.

    wooing tree

    Which is your favourite vineyard on the 4 Barrels Walking Wine Trail?